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Biographie Three Vacuum Cleaners Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Some vacuum cleaners can last for ten years if well-maintained, Top-rated vacuum cleaners from well-known brands can even last up to 15 years if they’re taken care of properly. Many vacuums come with a warranty program of one to five years.

Most manufacturers offer customers two types of warranty: one is for parts and labor cost to fix these parts, the other is for vacuum cleaner motors. Regardless of how extended your machine’s warranty is, there are some common vacuum cleaner problems that you can fix yourself to save your money and hassle.

So let us take you through a list of the top three maintenance issues that anyone can fix.

1. Your Vacuum suddenly shuts off during use.

While this is a common problem, fixing it can be done quickly with a little advice. Most vacuums have the sensor to protect the motor from burning out if it’s overheated. In almost all cases, this protection feature will be triggered if homeowners use their vacuums on heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as high-pile carpets. Also, avoid using residential vacuum cleaners on construction sites to clean up the dust.

House-owners that use bagged vacuums can check the vacuum bag because sometimes your vacuums don’t work just because of a full bag. To get your vacuum cleaner up and running again, replace the bag.

Another reason that might stop your vacuum from working is the automatic on/off switch. So check if this button is broken and replace it.

The vacuum cleaner cord can be a popular cause of the problem, too. So users can check to see if there are any splits or cuts in the cord. If the cable is broken, replace it to get your device run again.


2. Your Vacuum smells bad.
Best vacuum cleaner brands are usually durable. However, all machines need to be maintained carefully to ensure their longevity. Even if you’re using one of the best canister vacuums from Dyson, you need to check its filters, hose, and wand periodically to ensure all of its parts are working efficiently.

If your vacuum has a burning smell, check the bag first to see if it’s full. It’s recommended to replace the bag every three months. If you vacuum more than twice a week and have a few pets, then it’s best to replace it even more often.

Another common reason for a smelly vacuum can be the dirty filter. Therefore, you can try cleaning the filters, and if your vacuum still doesn’t work, then you’d better replace the filter.


3. Your Vacuum doesn’t suck well anymore.

Best vacuum cleaner reviews always put suction power as one of the first criteria in evaluating the performance of any vacuums. Therefore, if your vacuum doesn’t suck as well as it was when you first bought it, then it’s time for a checkup.

Your vacuum’s bag and filter should be the two first parts that need to be checked. If you’re using a bagless model, then make sure your container is empty. Filters tend to get clogged with dust quickly if you vacuum regularly. If you clean your filters, make sure they’re completely dry before putting them back.

The bottom line

Best-rated vacuum cleaners are usually durable and easy to use. However, all vacuums need to be well-maintained to ensure they work efficiently. We hope our troubleshooting tips are helpful when you need to fix some common problems with your vacuum cleaner. Click “share” if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.


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